Do you create digital value or waste in the cloud?

Join our 60 min Data Fit For Purpose training to get a common understanding

Digitalization means that OT data must deliver to IT systems.
The demands on sharing data to get one single source of truth
have never been higher.

You are drowning in data, trying to understand how to make sense of them.
But why does it have to be so complicated?

digital waste in the cloud

Maybe you are working with OT and need to understand the purpose
behind the ask when sending process and production data…
…or maybe you are in IT and need to know what to ask
for to achieve optimization results.

Join our 60 min Data Fit For Purpose training!
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Bring these two worlds together,
jumpstart your digitalization mission and
extract true value from your data!

Topics that will be addressed are:
Basic IIoT data terminology
Microsoft, AWS and Google
Data sources 
Edge processing
Impartance of OPC UA
Unified Namespace for scaling
MQTT between OT and Cloud
Security aspects

22 October 2021  
Time: 11.00 AM – 12.00 AM UTC+02:00
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